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released June 19, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios in West Palm Beach, FL



all rights reserved


CINDERBLOCK West Palm Beach, Florida

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Track Name: Nothing
Take this precious life, take this lousy being, just take everything that I love.
Nothing to regret, no apologies. After all of this, what's left?
Track Name: Soul Absence
Pen in hand, mouth in motion, nothing left to say.
Starring into darkness,my mind's a land of waste.
Lately I've been feeling like it's hard to relate.
Emptiness and apathy, these feelings are innate.
People ask me how I'm doing, I just say I'm fine.
When deep inside, I feel it. A constant fucking strife.
Soul absence.
Soul absence.
Track Name: Nemesis of Reason
Can you keep your mouth shut?
Do you even know what you sound like?
Silence is better than your bullshit.
Nemesis of all fucking reason.
Can you keep your mouth shut?
Do you even know what you sound like?
Suffer in silence.
Shut the fuck up.
Suffer in silence.
Track Name: Pull Me Deeper
Here I am.
I’m at it again, failing for the same old shit.
Your disguise holds my demise.
I always knew it was a matter of time
Weight on my chest, I can’t seem to lift.
Retrace my steps,I always slip.
Even those who made it out, never escape.
Forever dreaming of the time spent trapped within.
Mistakes I’ve made, stare in my face.
And in my mouth, I still have the taste.
Am I supposed to act like nothing ever happened?
Move on and keep my fucking head up?
Solace with time spent fading away.
You’re just in time to be too late.
Pull me deeper.
Pull me deeper.
Track Name: Stuck
Every time I try, there’s something in the way.
No sleep at night, I only lie awake.
I take these steps, only to be led astray.
Put in my time, only to go to waste.
Pissing away my life, no one’s fault but mine.
Track Name: Nod
Hide away.
Make sure it's safe.
Wrap your limb and pull it tight.
Find the vein, euphoria awaits.
Everything goes black.
Jesus Christ, you did it again.
Your demons won, now this is the end.
Wasted life.
Wasted life.
Wasted life.
Rest in peace.